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Physical appearance is something that is highly important to teenagers, which could mean that not all of them are excited about the concept of orthodontics. For this reason, Dr. Michael Ashcraft is happy to offer Invisalign Teen to Arkansas patients. Similar to the adult model, Invisalign Teen can efficiently and safely adjust the alignment and position of an individual's teeth in about 1 – 2 years using clear aligners. The aligners are custom created of a smooth, plastic material that gently and gradually repositions the teeth to correct many common occlusal issues. Unlike the adult version, Invisalign Teen has eruption tabs, compliance indicators, and substitute aligners. If your teenager is concerned about metal braces, then schedule an appointment at Ashcraft Orthodontics in Little Rock or Jacksonville, AR to learn more about Invisalign Teen.

About Invisalign Teen

Why is Invisalign Teen different than Invisalign? A number of our patients are concerned about giving their teenager responsibility for costly aligners during their orthodontic therapy. Orthodontic treatment is an investment of money and time, and Dr. Ashcraft is understanding of these factors with adolescent patients. Invisalign Teen includes three great features that will help your teen receive a straighter smile:

  • Compliance indicators: There is a small area on the rear portion of the aligners that fades with usage. Dr. Ashcraft will have the ability to know if your teenager isn't using the aligners enough or whether they are using them at all. This can keep the teenagers accountable for using their aligners 20 – 22 hours daily and keep them on schedule. Non-compliance problems mean your adolescent is going to be in therapy for a prolonged amount of time.
  • Eruption tabs: The manufacturers of Invisalign Teen know that not all of our adolescent patients will have their last molars or "wisdom teeth." They've designed the aligners with eruption tabs that make space for your last molars. This is so they can erupt in the proper location without crowding the other teeth. Standard Invisalign doesn't have this attribute.
  • Extra replacement aligners: We expect accidents and missing aligners, which is why we add six substitute aligners to your adolescent's treatment program. Accidents occur, and we can misplace items sometimes so call our office in Little Rock or Jacksonville, AR in the event you have any issues or require a replacement.

Best Candidates

Teenagers with conditions, like an overbite, crooked teeth, crowded teeth, or gaps, are the best candidates for Invisalign Teen at Ashcraft Orthodontics. Invisalign Teen is especially beneficial for teenagers who are active in athletics and those who actively participate in band. Metal braces may be harmful during contact sports or can even make it challenging to play an instrument. To determine the type of orthodontic treatment most likely to address your child's dental needs, Dr. Ashcraft will complete a comprehensive assessment and discuss your child's lifestyle. If your child is an ideal candidate for Invisalign Teen, Dr. Ashcraft will discuss a potential timeline for treatment and explain how to care for your aligners during treatment. 

What to Expect

Your teenager will have a consultation with Dr. Ashcraft to talk about treatment targets, how they feel about using an orthodontic aligner, and what's to be anticipated throughout the correction phase (normally 1 – 2 years, but this may differ with each individual patient). It is important that your child is dedicated to wearing their aligners for at least 20 hours a day because a lack of compliance could prolong the necessary length of their treatment. Invisalign Teen aligners are made with a blue compliance indicator that fades with use, helping our team to ensure they are wearing them for an adequate amount of time.

To begin your teenager's therapy and create their liners, Dr. Ashcraft or a member of our team will obtain multiple digital scans from various angles. Their customized clear aligners will be produced using these comprehensive images.


Patients will need follow-up visits every 2 – 4 weeks so that treatment progress can be monitored. At these appointments, Dr. Ashcraft will assess aligners and dental improvement during this visit to check how well they working and how frequently they are being worn. The compliance indicator included on each tray will hold your teenager accountable for using their aligners for nearly all of their day (20 – 22 hours). Remember, your teenager will have the ability to floss and brush without the barrier of traditional braces. Invisalign Teen will have to be taken out before eating. Additionally, your teen should ensure their teeth have been cleaned before placing their aligner back into their mouth.

Insurance Coverage

Orthodontic treatments, like Invisalign Teen, might be paid fully, or at least in part, by insurance. Before beginning the treatment, a member of our team can contact your insurer to determine your policy before determining your out-of-pocket costs. If you do not have dental insurance, we can discuss the payment methods we accept, such as low-interest financing, CareCredit®, and our flexible in-house payment plan. 

Invisalign Teen

A straight and healthy smile is an important attribute to every teen; however, they may feel uncomfortable about conventional orthodontics, such as metal braces. At Ashcraft Orthodontics, we'll walk our teen patients through their options and talk about how Invisalign Teen could help them achieve a gorgeous smile. Contact our office in Little Rock or Jacksonville, AR today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ashcraft.

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